sharper focus

Dimensions is renowned as the industry expert in supplying high volume, multi-site organisations. Yet, whilst our logistics centres have the capacity to handle in excess of 400,000 products a week, we retain the personal touch, able to provide a, quite literally, personalised package.

Our control systems and logistical strengths enable us to effectively manage what our customers spend on their clothing programme. More than ever, it’s all in the detail. Sophisticated forecasting technology, flexible manufacturing and precise stock control ensure you receive a service that exceeds expectations.

Versatile systems allow a choice of paper based, electronic and web based ordering. The latest technology ensures allocation controls, budget tracking and a wide selection of management information are all tailored to meet your specific needs.

Most importantly, your employees are more than just a number. Our unique tracking system adds a barcode to every garment, ensuring accuracy of picking, improved stock control and precise allocation details right down to individual wearers. We can pinpoint who, had what, when, where and why, to ensure satisfied individuals and accountable uniform budgets.