from design to delivery dimensions have the solution

From fashion designers to fabric technologists, our experienced in-house experts create wardrobes perfectly designed to accommodate the working needs of your wearers. Whether bespoke or off the shelf, we employ the latest fabric innovations, styles and details to ensure that every garment not only reflects your corporate aspirations but evolves with your brand for maximum impact.

From business wear to complex technical and performance products, world-class global sourcing and comprehensive quality systems ensure both innovation

and consistently high quality garments. Our group stature means we can demand best market prices from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, whilst always retaining control of fabric, procedures and quality performance. As the first corporatewear company to source extensively overseas, we have developed a reliable, cost effective and ethically sound supply chain. Fundamentally, we can guarantee a fast response, thanks to the introduction of fast-track, small-order production facilities throughout our supply base, which eliminates minimum quantities or lengthy waits for made-to-order garments.